Vol.2 Allan MacDonald – Dastirum
“the single most important living source of Gaelic musical culture” John Purser, BBC Radio Scotland

“great emotion, flair and style that is always inspiring, challenging and often breathtaking” Roddy MacLeod, Principal of the National Piping Centre

“I was pinned to the seat. I heard things that I had never imagined before… a musical epiphany.” Bill Livingstone, double Inverness Clasp-winner


Vol. 1 Donald MacPherson – A Living Legend
“Superlatives fail” The Piping Times

“This wonderful book and CD should be in every house where music matters.” The Voice – read full review

“a landmark, elegant product for musicians everywhere” Piper & Drummer Online

“the album is already a classic” Piping Today

“Truly a collector’s item!”


Vol. 1 Band-Re – Strathosphere
  “Beautiful compositions, impeccable execution and highly intelligent arrangements – an album of  great atmosphere, the power of which lies in its purity.” Riccardo Tesi

“the musical maturity in this project is quite outstanding”

“a strong melodic sweetness… deceptively, quietly rich” Piping Today



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